Yahoo! Voices: People, Books, and Films

PEOPLE [news]

william catherine prince georgeThe Trail of Tears: 175 Years
Starting this summer, 175 years ago the Cherokee people were removed from their homes, put in concentration camps, and forced to march hundreds of miles west to Oklahoma. This event, an American holocaust, is remembered forever as the “Trail of Tears.”

The Royal Baby: What’s in a Name?
A biblical and historical guide to the names of baby Prince George of Cambridge, plus some suggestions for George’s first world tour with his parents Prince William and Catherine.

BOOKS [reviews]

The Muckrake Years (1974): How “Practical Christian” Journalism Misses the Point
Muckraking became an acceptable and necessary journalism practice in the early 1900s. It still is today. But both then and now, such journalism focuses on the wrong causes and gives wrong solutions. It leaves out God.

I’ve Got Your Back: Reflections on Pastoral Leaders
This book is a revolutionary new work on leadership. I learned much about the leader-follower dynamic and leadership types. Yet James Galvin’s ideas on pastoral leaders are way off the mark! These people can be led astray and lead others astray too.

FILMS [reviews]

the-words-movieFrom Book to Screen: A Tale of Two Movies
BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice” (1995) was one of the best of films, an instant classic and a favorite of Jane Austen fans. Walden Media’s “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (2010) was one of the worst, alienating many fans of C. S. Lewis and the Narnia series.

“Brigadoon” (1954): Resistance to Change
The classic musical “Brigadoon” appears to be a light-hearted story of love in a fairytale village. But its external joy disguises disturbing truth for anyone resistant to change.

A New Way of Seeing
Through his Cubist paintings and theories, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso opened the door to “a new way of seeing.” Others followed suit in fiction, film, and music through the stream of consciousness technique. I want to do the same with words!

“The Words” (2012): Stories from the Abyss
Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal’s “The Words” portrays more than the heartache of plagiarism. This film reveals the emotional power of one manuscript and its effects on audiences separated by time and space. Only stories from the abyss produce such power.


Music Festivals: The Scream
Edvard Munch knew nothing about modern music festivals when he painted “The Scream.” But his work and its title accurately portray the atmosphere of many festivals today. Atmosphere? That’s just the beginning.

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