What Christianity Is Really All About

Some people say, “Money talks.” No it doesn’t. But because they think it does in this greedy world, money is their god. So who or what do you listen to? For you, what “talks”? Do you daily hear the “Voice of a Savior”?

Christianity is knowing, loving, serving, following, and worshipping Jesus Christ. It’s hearing and obeying the voice of God in His Word. It’s trusting, with childlike faith, in Jesus, the center of our universe and the object of our affection. It’s breathing in Jesus and breathing out the world, self, and sin. It’s pursuing Jesus in prayer, worship, and the Word. It’s radical obedience and radical faith.

If the above doesn’t describe your current relationship with God, you need to repent. [What do you think I’ve been doing all week?]


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