Scotland and the UK: Pray for Revival!

[Dennis Tanner: American missionary, pastor, and Church of God overseer to Scotland (Inverness)]

-Tanner was called to be a missionary at age 11, during a missions conference.

-Earlier ministry places: Congo, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.

-1 Samuel 1-4: Samuel’s call, Israel’s battle with the Philistines [3:1 – “the word of the Lord was rare in those days”]

-Israel: tradition, ritual, symbolism; faith in objects and patterns, not God; forgotten relationship with God, corrupt priesthood leading people astray and latter allowing it because of misplaced faith.

-Israel vs Philistines: “why are we losing? Let’s use the ark.” But they were still defeated. Why? Their relationship with God had deteriorated. They couldn’t hear God and weren’t following Him. They had faith in symbols. We see this today. People wear crosses, they make the sign of the cross, and they put crosses in buildings. But their confidence is in those symbols, not in God. Israel didn’t know that God was there all the time, not only in the temple when the priests were present.

-Scotland, UK, and Europe today: ancient Israel in 1 Samuel 1-4.

-The Church of Scotland today ordains gays, allows homosexual ‘marriages,’ and prides itself in Scotch whisky (no problems with alcoholism). They’ve lost a relationship with Jesus.

-Recently a pastor, after being baptized in the Holy Spirit, didn’t like infant baptism. Some agreed with him. When he publicly protested the practice, no one stood with him. He was fired, lost his house, car, and retirement money, and was ostracized by his family and friends. The people are convinced that the church makes them right with God. They do what they want and think church attendance/membership makes them okay. They’re enslaved to church and government.

-It’s politically incorrect to call sin “sin.” Two Scottish ministers were arrested (and one deported) for preaching against homosexuality in the streets. -This is all a result of socialism. And it’s coming to the US. It’s about faith in government and traditions. The government becomes “God.” -“Christian” means nothing now. True Christians call themselves “Christ followers” (discipleship) to distinguish themselves from “Christians” by birth, family, or church attendance/membership.

-God’s directions: evangelism (tell them about Jesus), discipleship (live like Jesus = know him first), train and develop leaders. These are also prayer needs, along with resources (messenger, message, money).

-True revival: out of tradition/ritualism into relationship.

-There are eight COG churches in Scotland (3 without pastors). Together they have 300 members. The Assemblies of God (AG) is more in southern Scotland. There are also Elim Pentecostal churches (English denomination). But most churches are small. There isn’t a strong Evangelical presence. England does have a strong Elim and AG presence, which is mostly Caribbean.

-Most evangelical and Pentecostal churches in the UK are led by or filled with internationals. For every 1-2 Scottish people who show interest in the gospel, there are 10 internationals. I believe God will use the 3rd world to shame the 1st. See my note “Christ in Haiti: That No Flesh Should Glory in His Presence.”

-Pray for Scotland and the UK! Pray for revival!

More information on Dennis Tanner


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