Seven Years of Revival, Seven Years of Tribulation!

There seem to be two camps in evangelicalism today: those who preach world revival and those who preach world tribulation. The revival camp doesn’t say much about the rapture or tribulation. And the tribulation camp doesn’t say much about revival. I don’t think they even believe it will happen. But it will – and soon.

But guess what? History repeats itself.

In Genesis 41, God told Pharaoh that Egypt would experience seven years of plenty, then seven years of famine. This happened once in history, literally. It will happen again soon, spiritually. Why? Because history repeats itself. God’s words to Pharaoh apply to us today. The world will experience seven years of revival (spiritual plenty), then seven years of tribulation (spiritual famine). And I believe the rapture of the church will take place at the end of the first seven years.

Everyone knows about the political unrest in Egypt. But what does it mean for the church and for the end times? In his perfect timing, God led me to read a Bible quote yesterday on Facebook from Exodus 3. God tells Moses to tell Israel, “I am that I am.” This is what will get us through the coming storm. God is leading his people out. God is calling his Moseses and Josephs to face Pharaoh and bring deliverance!

Expect the unexpected. When Jesus came to this earth the first time, in his perfect wisdom he used the Gentiles to shame the Jews, the poor to shame the rich, and the unschooled to shame the wise. The same will happen again during the coming world revival. Whom does the church despise: Hollywood, the media, sinners, Muslims, Buddhists, others? That is whom God will save and use to bring revival. I don’t think he’ll use a lot of people within the church.

The established church will receive a deep shock to its system. God will rip the gospel out of their hands and give it to people who will use it rightly! From Jews to Gentiles then, from the church to sinners now. Only one person from the establishment is recorded to have made it into the first-century church: Paul. What the Jews waited for, for so long, they missed. God bypassed them! Instead he used people formerly “unclean,” and cleaned them up. Check out the Bible passages below to see what I mean.

Isaiah 35, 43:19-21, 51:3
Matthew 8:11-12, 19:30, 20:16, 21:41-43
Luke 13:28-30, 14:23-24, 15:11-32
Acts 13:46-48
1 Corinthians 1:18-29

Read Michael Edds’ blog post “A vision of the final great awakening” to find out what to expect during the coming world revival.


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