Learning About God From Children

I learned two spiritual lessons while watching my niece this past week.

  1. She bugs people about something until it happens or they give it to her.
  2. She can’t wait for anything, wanting things or events now – that very day or hour.

So, are we willing to be as persistent with God in prayer? The widow was with the unjust judge! [Luke 18:1-7]

Yet children are usually impatient. They live in a timeless “now.” However, the mark of an adult is patience – learning to wait. How do we act when God promises us something, or when we ask for something? Are we willing to wait?

There’s a time for everything. When God says “wait,” he knows exactly what he’s doing. We’ll be blessed in the waiting. Don’t let that time be empty, spent in angst. Learn to trust and depend on God.

Other lessons on waiting

Questioning God – His timing, judgment, actions, and promises – is STUPID! People think it’s a sign of maturity/growth when they question God or their faith. Wrong! This is moral and spiritual degeneration! Who are we to question God? He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Yesterday I remembered a line in the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” Tom Hanks’ character tells Meg Ryan’s character, “He’s waiting until you’re primed.” When she is, he reveals himself as her online friend. Yes, the context is romance. But God does the same with us – romance, promises, the next step in our relationship. He knows when we’re ready. We don’t, certainly not when we think we are. When we’re primed, God will reveal himself [or a spouse, new friend, or job] to us.

I heard an anecdote in church yesterday. The speaker said there shouldn’t be any cracks in our relationship with God – just like there shouldn’t be any cracks in pottery. When a piece of pottery on a shelf cracks, a seller will put sand in it to heal the cracks. But a connoisseur will take the piece of pottery out in the sun. In time, the cracks will show. Maybe this is where some people are in their relationship with God. They wonder why they feel like they’re spiritually being dried out in the sun, with no water. God has put them there to make any cracks show – cracks in the relationship. He wants to heal those cracks. But first they have to come to the surface in the sun. We need valley and sun experiences. It shows God has taken us off the shelf and plans to use us in his kingdom – when and how he chooses. But first all the cracks in our relationship must be brought to the surface and healed. Only then will he use us.

There are many things we don’t understand. But we don’t have to and we’re not supposed to. God will give us understanding when it’s time. We must learn to wait.


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