Boy Scouts of America, It’s Time to Go

boy scouts of america eagle scout [I submitted this article to Yahoo! Voices on Tuesday, January 29. I kept revising it. But it still hasn’t been published – unlike pro-gay articles on the Boy Scouts. I got tired of waiting.]

On Monday, January 28, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced on its website that they have decided to amend their national membership policy, removing decades-long restrictions on homosexual leaders and scouts. They want local organizations, many of them denomination churches, to decide eligibility based on individual “mission, principles, or religious beliefs.”

The BSA says it is a “values-based youth development organization … that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.” The organization was founded by Chicago publisher W. D. Boyce in 1910. He learned the concept from British general Robert Baden-Powell, who founded the scouting movement in the UK in 1907. The Boy Scouts are as American as apple pie and an important part of youth culture, in part due to the illustrations of Norman Rockwell. His work covered the BSA’s annual calendar and magazine Boys’ Life for decades. U.S. Presidents Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Gerald R. Ford, George Bush Sr., and Barack Obama were all scouts. Every president since Taft has been an honorary scout. Other famous scouts include Buzz Aldrin, Walter Cronkite, Bill Gates, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Steven Spielberg. [All this information is on Wikipedia – herehere, and here.]

Yet the BSA so many people know and love has disappeared. I believe their new membership policy is a grave legal and moral mistake, one that will have serious consequences for the organization, especially since “70 percent of Boy Scout troops are sponsored by faith-based organizations.” This is a hands-off policy. The BSA doesn’t want to dictate a moral position on homosexuality. It seems tolerant but it isn’t. According to the Christian Post and Fox News Radio, the Southern Baptist Convention agrees. President Fred Luter said, “This is a tradition that so many of us across the country grew up in. We were in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in elementary school, and this organization has always stood for biblical principles – all the things that grounded our lives as a young kid growing up. To see this organization that I thought stood on biblical principles about to give in to the politically correct thing is very disappointing.” A new 8-point analysis by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality says it all. They’re even calling for the resignation of pro-gay CEOs Jim Turley and Randall Stephenson.

What’s more disturbing is the BSA’s strong ties with Mormon (LDS), Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodist churches. None of these religious groups seems disturbed by the new policy, unlike the Southern Baptists. All have grave doctrinal or moral errors in relation to homosexuality. Most frightening, according to SBC Committee member Frank Page, is the fact that BSA’s new membership policy

reverses the findings of a two-year study last July that affirmed their principled stand on biblical morality. From what they told me, they are wilting under pressure from some of their corporate sponsors and the fear they could lose a future court case, despite the fact that they prevailed before the Supreme Court on this very issue. That may be the bigger story here.

girl scouts of americaI also wonder how much political pressure the BSA is receiving from the World Organization of the Scout Movement. I fear the WOGS may be communist and anti-Christian. Many American pro-life journalists have reported the American Girl Scouts‘ ties to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, also a communist and anti-Christian organization. Read the “Speak Now: Girl Scouts” webpage to learn more. Why should the BSA be any different? Not only that, they have welcomed cyber chips – which is just what the coming one-world government wants, i.e. to track and control people. Morally, as goes Europe and the UN, so goes the world – including the USA and Boy Scouts.

Are all homosexuals pedophiles? No. But many are. The BSA cannot risk the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its scouts by publicly giving homosexual leaders close and long-term physical access. And that is just what this new membership policy will do: open doors to pedophiles. BSA’s recent revelations of over 2000 child sex abuse cases in all 50 states between 1947 and 2005 are a testament to this fact. [Click here and here to see names, dates, and places.] Kim Christensen and Jason Felch of the Los Angeles Times say that 80 percent of the time the BSA protected leaders who were pedophiles, instead of turning them over to the police. This was a criminal matter, not a civil or religious one, but like the Roman Catholic Church the BSA decided it was above the law. According to one Wikipedia article, child sexual abuse has also been a problem in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK.

boy scouts of america cub scoutsCorrupting young people used to be a crime, but the BSA is getting away with it. I pray God hangs a corporate millstone around their necks.

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!” ~ Matthew 18:6-7; Mark 9:42, Luke 17:1-2

Why is the BSA giving Godspeed to immorality? Why can’t they say no to homosexuality? Why can’t they make a stand for Jesus Christ instead of bending to pressure by gay advocates? Why doesn’t the BSA have a moral backbone? And when will they publicly apologize for decades of sexual abuse? The BSA’s Youth Protection Program just isn’t enough.

The Christian Post revealed on Wednesday that the Boy Scouts are being pressured by corporate sponsors to give into their homosexual agenda. Clearly the organization has problems and it’s not a lack of funds. They don’t have strong Christian leaders who will drop these sponsors and find better ones, those with the moral backbone to say no. Standing up for Christian truth matters most. The Boy Scouts shouldn’t let themselves be bribed. If they give in because of greed or fear, I pray they lose everything – sponsors, money, and the organization altogether.

Jesus has something better for young men than the Boy Scouts. He offers them a greater duty, a higher calling, and a more sure identity. All the Boy Scouts have done is teach young men to play, not pray. They’re taught to uphold their duty to God but not told who that God is – Jesus Christ. Any God will do as long he’s tolerant. Young men, would you rather be “once an Eagle, always an Eagle” or “once a son of God, always a son of God”?

I pray every Cub, Boy, and Eagle Scout who considers himself a committed Christian finds the courage publicly to denounce the BSA. I pray each one burns his uniform and badges. The Boy Scouts of America needs courage to stand up for Jesus Christ, its boy scouts, and absolute moral truth. If they refuse, I pray the organization is disbanded.


15 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America, It’s Time to Go

    • Now my testing works, I want to say, Boy Scouts of America continue to be brave as you have been in the past. Your founders who were God Fearing men founded the Boy Scouts. Why not asked them what to do. By praying to God for them they may give you an answer. Don’t let bullies force their agenda into your camps. I have a great respect for the boy scouts. If they give in that will be the end of scouting.

  1. “I kept revising it. But it still hasn’t been published – unlike pro-gay articles on the Boy Scouts. I got tired of waiting.”

    Liberal Censorship, or is it that they feel that “commentary published through Yahoo! Contributor Network should be thoughtful and measured, should make clear distinctions between opinion and fact, and should cite sources when appropriate.” I’ll go with the latter. I know this won’t pass moderation but I’ve got some time to kill until the bar opens.

    • Why do you enjoy cynicism and alcohol and approval of pedophilia? Why comment at all? You’re just a troll and have nothing to say so go away. Clearly you learned nothing from the Catholic Church and other sex scandals.

      • What are you going on about? I approve of pedophilia? I most certainly do not. Why would a “good, christian” lady like you say such nasty, vile things. It’s sinful to lie (Pro 6:17) Lily. If you lie you are an ABOMINATION in the eyes of god. Repent now!

      • Saying yes to homosexuality opens the spiritual door to a lot of other nasty things – pedophilia, incest, and bestiality among them.

      • re: “Saying yes to homosexuality opens the spiritual door to a lot of other nasty things – pedophilia, incest, and bestiality among them.”

        I’m shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, that you’re still a mademoiselle. I guess it is possible than any sane man wouldn’t want to give you the chance to procreate. Imagine the emotional damage someone like you could do to a child.

      • Imagine what your sick philosophies could do to children! Mine will be reared hearing God’s truth and despising sin.

    • Dear Sir or Madam,I don’t believe the Boy Scouts of America are going away to any other place.  They are staying right here

    • If you do procreate you’ll raise those little children to be as mean, bitter and spiteful as you. A true, (lower case c) chrisitian. I have many good friends who are Christians. They are wonderful people. You’re a vile abomination. That’s redundant I know, but so are you.

      |I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
      Mahatma Gandhi

      • What do you consider “Christian”? If it means your friends approve of sin, then I doubt they are who they claim to be. Giving the homosexual agenda God-speed is spitting in the face of Jesus.

  2. Your point of view is valued and sanctified. I wonder if there are specific numbers to track these new policies?

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