Yahoo! Voices: Liberal Censorship

liberal-intolerance-censorshipLast Tuesday, I submitted an editorial on the Boy Scouts homosexuality controversy to Yahoo! Voices. I published it on this blog two days ago because I was tired of waiting. This morning, Yahoo! Voices responded. They rejected my post for publication.

Thank you for your submission, but this is better suited to a personal blog than to our platform. Commentary published through Yahoo! Contributor Network should be thoughtful and measured, should make clear distinctions between opinion and fact, and should cite sources when appropriate.

Excuse me?! Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think my post was un-thoughtful or un-measured. I think I made clear distinctions between opinion and fact. I also tried to cite sources when appropriate, both via phrasing and hyperlinks.

Yahoo! Voices asked former scouts and leaders to give their opinions on this issue. The three I read were pro-gay, clearly biased. Even acknowledging the Boy Scouts as a “haven for child molesters,” they didn’t think of the straight kids, just the gay ones. They mostly didn’t think of gay leaders as pedophiles, just as martyrs. They wanted gay liberation and an end to discrimination. They wanted the Boy Scouts to change with society, not stay with God and the Bible. Yet they were published and I wasn’t.

When I complained via email, Yahoo! Voices responded again.

We do not typically publish unsolicited, one-sided commentary that is not thoughtful and measured, or that does not make clear distinctions between opinion and fact. From time to time, we will put out assignments requesting brief commentary from people specifically connected to a news story. These are intended to be presented as a package including various opinions from people with a special connection to the news (in this case, former scouts and scouting families). For this reason, we may issue assignments which allow submissions to be one-sided and based primarily on opinion.

Unsolicited content is expected to stand alone, rather than as part of a package, so it is held to the standards specified by our Submission Guidelines. Assignments can override the Submission Guidelines, but unsolicited content must always follow these guidelines carefully.

If readers agree with the decision of Yahoo! Voices, please let me know. Otherwise, I believe it’s clear liberal, pro-gay bias!


4 thoughts on “Yahoo! Voices: Liberal Censorship

  1. It’s obviously liberal, pro-gay bias. Why else wouldn’t they want to print one-sided commentary that is not thoughtful and measured, or that does not make clear distinctions between opinion and fact?

    • I don’t believe my commentary was one-sided. It was certainly thoughtful and measured. I can’t say the same of the liberal trash they chose to approve.

  2. Yahoo Contributor Network boasts itself as nonbiased when it is, in fact, the party that IS biased. Yahoo is Liberal and bans even NONBIASED Conservatives. Yahoo demands politically correctness. Unless you tow the party line, Yahoo will silence you. Yahoo cannot be trusted, which is the reason I never cite Yahoo as a news source or even read it. You cannot trust Yahoo!

  3. Just stumbled onto this. As someone who is pro-gay people and isn’t a conservative, I find this pretty pitiful. I haven’t written on Yahoo for a good while, but if I recall correctly, you are allowed to submit opinion pieces. Yahoo should be happy either way. Controversial pieces bring in the most clicks and profit. Every side needs to be open to communication and against blatant and baseless censoring if we’re ever to make progress.

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