“Gay Christian”: Denying the Power of God

“Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” – 2 Timothy 3:5

narrow road heaven life jesusThe “form” of godliness is religion – Christianity and all other world religious systems, as well as personal rituals. But such religion has no eternal value without “power.” This power that many people today deny is the Holy Spirit. He alone gives spiritual conception, birth, and growth. The Spirit alone transforms people into new living creations, who are born from above and become children of God. The Spirit alone anoints people for Christian service and evangelism.

Who would deny such power? People who think they don’t need it or that God isn’t willing and able to change them. “Gay Christians” fall into this category. They believe God made them gay from the womb; therefore he approves of their sinful nature and behavior. They say in their hearts, “If I’m born this way, then God must love me this way. He doesn’t create anything bad.”

“In Adam’s fall, we sinned all.” – Puritan proverb

Gay Christians deny original sin. That leads to denying the necessity of the cross and of the new birth. [See my blog post “The Necessity of the New Birth.”] Why would Jesus die and rise again if we aren’t sinners by nature and don’t need to be saved? Yet we’re born sinners, not saints. We need radical spiritual transformation in order to become saints and enter heaven. Our sinful nature must die so that Christ can live and reign in us, working his perfect will through the power of the Spirit (Galatians 2:20).

“Straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14). The word “straight” (stenos – Greek) means narrow because of obstacles standing about. The word “narrow” (thlibo – Greek) means to crowd. What are these obstacles and what’s crowding us on the road to eternal life? God sends fiery trials and temptations to purify us. In order to stay on the path, we must keep saying a resounding “no” to self and sin. Jesus is the gate, the only entrance to this narrow road (John 14:6). [See the blog post “Narrow Gate” on SOJ4.]

It doesn’t matter if your problem is alcohol, drugs, sex, money, fame, or anything else your sinful nature craves. These truths apply to you. You cannot believe God approves of your sinful nature and deeds and will not judge you for them. That is a lie. You must believe God is willing and able to change you. Have you asked Jesus for spiritual transformation (new birth) so you can live the Christ life through the power of the Holy Spirit – not that of your weak, sinful flesh?

God can transform the Adam nature into the Christ nature. When God changes people, when He transforms them spiritually, both the sinful nature and specific sins leave. In Christ

  • the dead come back to life
  • the blind see
  • the lame walk
  • alcoholics and drug addicts become sober
  • thieves earn and give
  • sex addicts become pure
  • gays become straight

Jesus Christ says we cannot “see the kingdom of God” (heaven) unless we become new creatures (John 3:3; cf Roman 8:9, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 6:15). We must be born again, “of water and of the Spirit” (John 3:5). Turn away from those who deny such transforming power.


6 thoughts on ““Gay Christian”: Denying the Power of God

  1. I do believe that “with God all things are possible.” But I also observe that just because all things are possible, doesnt mean that they actually occur. Lets take your example above of the lame walking. Yes, I believe that God can heal a lame person so that they can walk. But I know of a lame Christian. He became lame after an accident as a young adult. Before that event, I remember him coming to my highschool as a volunteer in a Christian outreach. He was a leader amongst the young adults at my church. He was bright and had a strong faith and so did the rest of the family. Anyway, he had the accident and was left lame. Our church believes in healing. We once had a travelling evangelist visit the church, and we all prayed for healing of the various sick people who attended. But for whatever reason, God has not restored his use of his legs. As the years pass, we continue to believe that God can heal him. But as the years go by, I guess we tend to conclude that God’s answer to this prayer is ‘no’. For some reason, God has decided not to heal him. He was an energetic guy. He probably would have liked to have an active career, EG to be a fire fighter. This poses as quandary. Should he continue to dream of an active career, and perhaps study up to be a fire fighter? Or is investment into such things a wasteful idea that will only lead to disappointment or even perhaps lasting depression? Is there a point at which it’s sensible to just accept things as they are? And of course there is the question of faith. If God is not healing him, is it because of lack of faith? Should we chastise him for this? To do so, seems mean, even if intended as encouragement. And of course his case is just one example. There are people with all sorts of illnesses and afflictions which God could heal, but for whatever reason, sometimes he just doesnt.

    • You raise some good points. The main point is, healing and answers take time. And I don’t believe God’s answer to healing is “no,” ever. Just because your friend hasn’t been healed yet doesn’t mean he won’t be in the future. Your friend should never stop praying and believing for a miracle. If you read my recent post, “Daughters of God,” you’ll see that the woman with the issue of blood was sick for twelve years before she met Jesus and touched his clothes for healing in her body. 12 years. The point? Never give up! Read Luke 18 too, the first few verses.

  2. Not every gay will be made straight in this life, any more than every blind person will see, or every amputee will have their limb regrow spontaneously. All things are possible with God… including a life of celibacy. To me, the sin is clinging to that sinful behavior rather than trying to let it go and let Christ take that cross, even if it means a life of celibacy.

    • You’re right. Sin is clinging to wrong behavior rather than letting go. But I don’t think you understand my point. Homosexuality is not like blindness or being lame. The latter are neutral. They’re not sins at all. Homosexuality is sin. Celibacy doesn’t correct or get rid of it. Instead, celibacy is man’s inadequate response to the sin. Spiritual transformation from the inside out, which gets rid of all homosexual desire and behavior, is God’s more-than-adequate response to the sin. People can’t change their spots. God can. I see celibacy as proof of the lack of faith in the Holy Spirit.

      Check out this FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/13963821623/


      Those who deny that water baptism is essential for the their salvation must also deny the words of Jesus as spoken in Mark 16:16.

      Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. (KJV)

      The word shall always means future tense. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. Shall be saved after they believe and are baptized in water; that is future tense. Shall be damned is future tense, not past tense. Jesus understood that shall meant future tense. Why do “faith only” believers not understand the meaning of shall.

      Honesty and prayer is the cure for not understanding the words of Jesus.

      Virtually all Bible translation translate Mark 16:16 the same.

      Mark 16:16….and is baptized shall be saved…(ASV)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved….(Amp)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved….(CEB)
      Mark 16:16….and is immersed will be saved…(CJB)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved…..(CEV)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptised shall be saved….(DARBY)
      Mark 16:16….and having been baptized will be saved(DLNT)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized, shall be saved…..(DRA)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved……..(ERV)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved……(ESV)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved…..(ESVUK)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved….(EXB)
      Mark 16:16….and be baptized, shall be saved….(GNV)
      Mark 16:16….and is baptized will be saved…..(GW)

      The word “and” is always a conjunction. The word “and” is used to connect grammatically.

      Mark 16:16 He the believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. (KJV)

      The “and” connects believeth and baptized. You cannot separate them. They are both connected to shall be saved.

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  3. I think your spot on , God knows us all, and he doesn’t make trash. Some one told a gay person a lie some time in their life, and they chose to believe it. Homosexuality is a choice, not God given . Repentance is the only way yet so few will choose it. they would rather fight than repent. Too bad I guess to think they can be a Christian and Gay is wrong and deceptive. How many people will be deprived by that, thinking they are in the light?……

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