The Spitfire Grill

easter-lily song-of-solomonWhen I first started this blog, I called it “Beloved Lily.” My middle name is Hebrew for “lily” (shoshannim), the Easter kind in Song of Solomon. It means a “long, straight trumpet” and symbolizes the resurrection joy of Jesus Christ, a mini-gospel. “Beloved” is the bridegroom’s name for his bride in Song of Solomon, which is both a historical wedding song and an allegory of Christ and his bride the church.

Last month, “Beloved Lily” just didn’t cut the mustard anymore. I needed something stronger. So I changed the title to “War Cry!” I’m in a warring mood in relation to today’s Christianity and culture, both in America and around the world. I don’t like what I see. As I learned last month, the bride of Christ is really a warrior. See Revelation 19:7-14.

grilling-meatNow I’ve changed the title again, this time to “The Spitfire Grill.” If a beloved lily, the bride of Christ, wants to see spiritual victory both within (holiness) and without (cultural transformation), she must become a warrior. The only path is through self-sacrifice (consecration) – being transformed into the image of Christ, through the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit, on the divine “spitfire grill.”

josh bernstein digging for the truthTwo years ago, I asked God to make my words like fire and like the hammer that breaks the rock in pieces (Jeremiah 23:29). I thought it was a colorful metaphor. I didn’t know the verse was a real building process until last month, when I watched an episode in season 1 of “Digging for the Truth” (2005), hosted by Josh Bernstein. Like their ancestors, Ethiopian men today build a fire on top of a long piece of rock in order to split it in half. They then use hammers to break these halves into smaller pieces. This process is how they obtain stone material for their buildings.

If Christians want to be spiritual warriors today, living stones in God’s church where they offer sacrifices of praise (1 Corinthians 3:9-10, 1 Peter 2:5), they must let God split and break them with the fire and hammer of his Word. Christians must let the living and powerful two-edged sword of the Word split their “soul and spirit … joints and marrow”; they must let this divine sword discern “the thoughts and intents of [their] heart[s]” so that they become spiritually naked before God (Hebrews 4:12). Christians must willingly walk onto God’s altar of self-sacrifice, a heavenly “spitfire grill.” This earthly salvation is a shadow of eternal truth when we worship God in the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21-22).

jesus-carries-the-cross christJesus Christ, our Great High Priest, endured this process first (Hebrews 2:17, 3:1, 4:14-15, 5:1-10, 6:20, 7:26, 8:1, 9:11, 10:21). He is our living example. In Gethsemane and on the cross, Jesus willingly let the fire and hammer of God’s Word split and break him so that he was spiritually naked before the Father. Jesus is now the foundation and chief cornerstone of God’s spiritual building, the church (1 Corinthians 3:11, 1 Peter 2:4-8).

Are my words like fire and like a hammer (Jeremiah 23:29)? Do my words have spiritual power? No. I have not yet been split and broken by God. But I will be soon. When that happens, my words will be anointed by the Holy Spirit to lead people willingly onto God’s “spitfire grill.”


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