Christianity, Islam, and Tolerance

religious tolerance coexistReligious tolerance has ravaged Western culture for decades. It says that all religions and no religion (atheism, secularism) are equal. Therefore all these religions and non-religions, and their followers, must tolerate (accept) one another. Ironically, in the public sphere all religions are tolerated except one – Christianity. Tolerance cannot endure its exclusive claims.

Tolerance, this silly cartoon filled with rainbows and daisy chains, is mental, moral, and spiritual insanity – soul suicide. I believe it is an instrument of Satan for keeping people from saving faith in Jesus Christ. Tolerance is spiritual apathy in disguise. It sits on the fence and makes a non-choice. Devout religious people are impatient with tolerance. They zealously make a choice.

Tolerance also denies the exclusivity not only of Christianity but also of Islam and Judaism. Each religion is monotheistic. Each claims to be the only way to heaven. And each offers a very different portrait of Jesus Christ. As a result, these three religions cannot tolerate one another (except when Christianity sees itself as the fulfillment of Judaism). So why should an atheist?

According to Islam (Koran),

  1. There is one God – Allah.
  2. God is not personal.
  3. God is invisible. Worshipping an image of him is idolatry.
  4. Jesus is not the Son of God. God has no ‘son.’
  5. Jesus was just a man, not God.
  6. Jesus did not die on a cross.
  7. Jesus is not the Christ (Anointed One), God’s final prophet. Mohammed is.

jesus-carries-the-cross christChristianity tells a very different story! According to the Bible,

  1. There is one God in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God’s name is Jehovah.
  2. God is personal (knowable).
  3. Although God is invisible and worshipping images is idolatry (Exodus 20:4-5), Jesus is the “image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15). Worshipping him is not idolatry but a divine command.
  4. Jesus is the Son of God – a position of relationship and order, not birth.
  5. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. He is both human and divine.
  6. Jesus died on a cross for sin and returned from the dead three days later (resurrection).
  7. Jesus is the Christ (Anointed One). He is God’s final prophet and last spoken Word (Hebrews 1:2). [Mohammed is NOT God’s prophet. God did NOT send him.]

Islam does not understand these truths: Trinity, Incarnation of Jesus Christ (God becoming flesh at conception), his atoning sacrifice on the cross, the nature of blood atonement and its necessity in creating a personal relationship with God, and mercy and grace. Essentially, Islam does not know what to do with Jesus. So it (Mohammed, Koran) has fabricated lies about him.

[Note: If a Muslim screams ‘jihad’ and ‘Allah’ in your face, just sing, “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!” Tell the devil in that person where to go. Maybe you’ll survive the attack. Even better, maybe you’ll see a Muslim delivered and saved. But if the end result is death, know that you have delivered your soul by testifying of Jesus and you will enter heaven.]

Jesus-christ phariseesJudaism is similar to Islam except that it understands atonement, mercy, and grace in the context of moral law and believes in the personality and self-revelation of G0d. However, it still does not know what to do with Jesus. Most Jews do not believe in him as their Messiah. Two thousand years ago, they handed over Jesus to the Romans to be executed for blasphemy according to their law (John 19:7). Some still believe the lie that his disciples stole his body (Matthew 28:13-15). However, redemption is prophesied and promised to Jews who receive Jesus as Savior and Lord (Zechariah 12:10-11, Romans 11:25-31).

These three religions, these three views of Jesus Christ, are diametrically opposed. One cannot ‘combine’ them. Only one of them is true, but not all three. There is no room for tolerance.

There is one God and his name is Jesus Christ. All others are no gods, just demons or fantasies. Jesus says he is the only way to heaven (John 14:6). He is jealous for his glory, that due to him as the only Son of God. Tolerance is idolatry and it robs Jesus of glory, so He is intolerant of other religions and other gods (Exodus 20:3). They are an affront to him and his saints.

One day very soon, there will be no room for tolerance in the new world order, the reign of the anti-Christ. There will be one world religion, so everyone must choose. All those who oppose the anti-Christ – Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist – will be destroyed.

If people want to be saved from sin and hell, they must forsake tolerance and make a choice. They must run to the cross of Jesus Christ and apply his atoning blood to their souls.


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