Is God on America’s Side?

america god erwin lutzerIs God on America’s Side? (2008) is the title of a recent book by Erwin Lutzer, a Canadian-American who has pastored Moody Church in Chicago since 1980. Every Christian in America should read this book. God’s agenda is more important than that of this country. We’re here to save Americans from hell, not the nation itself from economic and moral collapse. Just like Israel in 586BC, Babylon is here. We can’t turn this country back. It’s too late.

Pastor Lutzer has great wisdom. Yet what does he know of Pentecost, prophecy, or ministers who preach like flames of fire (Psalm 104:4, Hebrews 1:7)? Lutzer believes Christians should be humble and gentle if in their speech they want to see conversions. He forgets the Apostle Paul’s words to Elymas the sorcerer, and the resulting faith of the consul who heard them (Acts 13:7-12).

I want my words to set people on fire, to lead them to convert or die. I want my words to bring this ungodly world to its knees in repentance. I want my words to strip people naked spiritually, so that they see themselves as they really are – the darkness of their hearts. Mostly I want my words to have the same power as the spirit-filled Bible. Humility and gentleness won’t do that. Only divine testing will. I’m going to take the prophets of old as my mentors (James 5:10).


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