The Future of Syria

“Damascus will cease from being a city and it will be a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they will be for flocks which lie down and no one will make them afraid. The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria; they will be as the glory of the children of Israel, says the Lord of hosts” (Isaiah 17:1-3, NKJV).

syria famine refugeesI quoted this passage in the blog post “A Potential War with Syria.” The whole chapter says that Syria will suffer famine and its cities will be forsaken (17:4-9). “In that day, a man will look to his Maker and his eyes will have respect for the Holy One of Israel” (17:7). The believing remnant will be “as the glory of the children of Israel” (17:3). Nations will rush to Syria because its people cry aloud over the famine, “but God will rebuke them and they will flee far away” (17:13). “Before morning,” Syria will be “no more” (17:14).

The final destruction of Damascus and the forsaking of Syria’s other cities, due to famine, have been prophesied. So has the salvation of the nation’s citizens. Apparently, food may not be delivered. Nations will rush to Syria wanting to help, but God will rebuke them.

Syria_Prayer_RequestGod doesn’t go back on his word. He will destroy Syria as promised. Unlike Egypt, there is no hope for the nation. But there is hope for its citizens. Only by turning to Jesus Christ and fleeing Syria will they find salvation, peace, and food. Christians living there now should flee.

Do Syria’s Christians know what God has said about this place? Do they know Bible prophecy? If not, they need to read Isaiah and Amos! Fleeing Syria as refugees is their only hope.

Here are some suggested prayer requests for Syria.

  • Pray that Christians, citizens or not, will testify of Jesus Christ in life and in death.
  • Pray that Christians, citizens or not, will flee to safe nations where they’ll find refuge, supplies (water, food, medicine, clothing, housing, etc), and freedom to worship.
  • Pray that non-Christians, citizens or not, will find salvation in Jesus Christ.

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