The “Life” Banner

Abortion wasn’t a spiritual problem fifty years ago. America wasn’t a culture of death either. Did we launch pro-life movements then? Did we march on Washington or bombard social media with the message of life for the unborn? No. Illegal abortion existed. Yet without modern technology and the internet, most people – Planned Parenthood included – knew that abortion killed an unborn child. They didn’t want to be murderers, whether or not they wanted their children and whether or not those children were planned. More people were Christians too.

Abortion is legal today, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision (1973). But it’s just the surface problem. As I explained in “Abortion: A Curse on America,” if every person were a spirit-filled Christian who believed and obeyed God, then abortion would not exist. A clinic would be open in every city, but no one would enter it. RU-486 would be stocked on the shelves of every drugstore, but no one would buy it. Why do people enter clinics and buy drugs in order to kill their unborn children? Sometimes they’re pressured by parents, friends, boyfriends, or rapists / pedophiles. Yet sometimes they’re not. This is the real problem.

Call-Me-An-Extremist secular pro-lifeThe organization Secular Pro Life  launched four years ago to appeal to non-religious people who believe in physical life for the unborn. It also wants to make the pro-life movement more inclusive by rallying around “shared bases of understanding.” Yet I wonder how, without God, these people believe in physical life at all. I also wonder why pro-life Christians are aligning with them spiritually. I addressed the dangers of such a partnership in “Unholy Alliances: Abby Johnson Exposed.” I see no one listened.

Most arguments against abortion do not require the existence of a god. We start from a premise that is shared by many religions and by secular humanism: the lives of human individuals are exceedingly valuable.  A religious person might express this concept as the “sanctity” of life, while a secular person might refer to the possession of fundamental human rights.  The core value judgment is the same. — “Pro Life Without God”


Christianity alone preaches the value of life — the imago dei human being God created (Genesis 1:27). Only Christianity exalts our humanity. Abortion is demonic. It’s also a heart problem, a sin problem – a spirit of death in the soul since the Fall of Adam and Eve. Unbelievers know nothing of sin and death in the human heart. They don’t know how to combat it with anointed prayer and evangelism either. How, then, can they ‘preach’ and believe in life?

Life is more than physical because we are more than bodies. True life is spiritual; we are souls. God is the author of life, both physical and spiritual, so true life is not a banner or a movement. It’s a person. Jesus Christ says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). In Christ alone is life and his “life is the light of men” (1:4). We must come to Jesus for eternal life (5:40).

embryo fetus babyHow can atheists and unbelievers believe in and advocate physical life when they deny its divine author? True science says human life begins at conception and thanks to 21st-century technology we can supply evidence for this fact. What if that technology did not exist? Would atheists and unbelievers believe in the existence of a tiny embryo that they can’t see with their physical eyes but which still lives and moves? Would they refuse to believe without scientific evidence? Without modern technology, could a secular pro-life movement survive?

The same is true of spiritual life. Atheists and unbelievers know nothing about this daily, other-worldly existence – this higher plane – of spirit-filled Christians. They certainly cannot see such life with their physical eyes, which is why they deny it exists. To them it might as well be a fantasy world. Yet spiritual life is more real than physical!

Life-is-a-GiftLife is a choice. We must choose life, both physical and spiritual, so that we and our children can live (Deuteronomy 30:19). However, life is also a gift from God. Thanks to this good and perfect gift, we have eternal life in Jesus Christ (Romans 6: 23, James 1:17). God grants us physical life without our choice, regardless of our human parents’ wills. He can also take that life away, with or without our help. If God removed his spirit from the earth, all mankind would instantly perish (Job 34:14-15). Spiritual life is different. We have a choice. We must ask God for eternal life, but even our desire and request are made possible only after he draws us to him (John 6:44, 65).

Millions flock to the “life” banner. Yet few flock to the banner of Jesus Christ, the source of life. If we choose God, we’ll receive eternal life. If we choose anyone else, spiritual death is the result. Life without God does not exist. How can a pro-life movement succeed if it leaves God out?

If we must march under a banner let it be that of Christ, with his life as a heavenly gift. Let us combat sin and death in the human heart through anointed prayer and evangelism, since only a converted heart will love Christ the author of life and choose life. Let us also move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only then will our pro-life efforts produce fruit that lasts (John 15:16).


11 thoughts on “The “Life” Banner

  1. I respect your idea of including Jesus in every aspect of life, for He is life, and I agree. However, I fail to see how you can bash the secular pro-life movement simply for leaving Christ out of the equation. Yes, God is important, but not all people believe so. Secular pro-life reaches out to those who are not theist and attempts to align them with the pro-life standpoint, and when this succeeds, which matters more: The belief that abortion is wrong, or that the belief isn’t religiously-based? If you are truly pro-life, you will say the former is of greater importance.
    I hope you come to terms with the fact that not everyone believes in God, and this idea is exactly that–A BELIEF–and as long as people live in accordance with the ethics of human nature and the things that can be argued secularly, I think it’s fine. However, pro-life isn’t a belief, it is a fact, lest moral relativity come into play. Perhaps you should begin to argue pro-life before you argue God, because if God is as all-caring and loving as we know Him to be through the Bible, would he rather you use your gifts to advocate for the pro-life movement or squander your gifts by slamming the people who are on your side?
    Please leave another comment with your thoughts on this so I can read it.

    • God is a fact. That abortion is ‘wrong’ is a belief. Human nature is evil and animalistic because of sin. Without God, you have no basis for right and wrong. There’s no final authority to judge you. Many atheists see this and act accordingly. You’re really dumb!

      • I guess we just have different world views. Thank you for responding and giving me more insight into your post.

    • At conception, of course! It’s basic science. And you? Know and love God, know and love babies – from conception. It’s clear what your real problem is. People like you are very dangerous to society.

  2. The Pro-Life Movement is a joke.

    It substituted winning political contests for rolling back abortion. It substituted regulating murder instead of stopping it. It’s record is one of spectacular failure.

    It not only has failed, it has failed miserably in everything single thing it has attempted–except for raising money. It is a fundraising juggernaut.

    I don’t doubt there’s “secular pro-lifer” who want to punch a ticket for that gravy train.

    It a case of Christians unequally yoking to try and accomplish something for the “greater good.”

    However “the ends justify the means” is not in the Bible–that’s the world’s wisdom.

    There are many well-meaning people working in the trenches. Wake up! Some of the statements of the “pro-life” honchos make one doubt if they’re even Christians.

    You hit the nail on the head: the problem is not that abortion is legal. It’s a spiritual problem.

    The problem is that so many avail themselves of sacrificing babies on the altar of convenience.

    Decades ago, the (one suspects planned) ineffectiveness of the pro-life groups was hard to see. They seemed like a reasonable

    But 40+ years later, their fecklessness has no excuse. Many pro-lifers can’t even remember a time in their lives when child-murder WASN’T legal.

    How many babies will die during the time it takes to perform one more useless march?

    “If we must march under a banner let it be that of Christ, with his life as a heavenly gift. Let us combat sin and death in the human heart through anointed prayer and evangelism, since only a converted heart will love Christ the author of life and choose life. Let us also move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only then will our pro-life efforts produce fruit that lasts (John 15:16).”

    THAT is the prescription.

    Real Christians need to put their wallets and purses away, quit spending endless hours organizing feel-good photos ops and begin praying

  3. One out of every five women who have abortions is a church going born again Christian, and the majority of women getting abortions identify as Christians, either protestants or Catholics. I’m sorry to tell you this ,but Christians have abortions too.

    From pro-life Christian Dr. La Verne Tolbert:

    “So, who is having these abortions? We are. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood:

    The highest proportion (43%) identify themselves as Protestant. 27% of women having an abortion identify themselves as Catholic, and 8% as members of another religion. 22% reported no religious affiliation. 13% identified themselves as “born again” or evangelical….. Those who claim to know Jesus and who protest against abortion the most account for nearly 80% of all abortions.”

    Dr. La Verne Tolbert “Abortion: the Sin of Idolatry”,

    Doctor Alveda King and Dr.La Verne Tolbert Life at All Costs: an Anthology of Voices from 21st-Century Black Pro-Life Leaders (Xlibris Corporation, 2012) 55

    • You’re not telling me anything new, but you missed the point. King and Tolbert meant this as a point of shame. “Christians” shouldn’t behave this way. If they do, others question their conversion. True Christians don’t listen to the devil’s lies and choose death!

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