jesus christ Depart_From_Me_TractJesus Christ will judge the earth one day. He will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing – good or evil (Ecclesiastes 12:14). One day, heaven’s court will be seated and the books will be opened (Daniel 7:10). One is the book of life (Revelation 20:12). Those who aren’t in this book will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity (20:15). The Judge of all the earth will do right (Genesis 18:25).

This is spiritual truth and it’s a living reality. Do we believe it? Are we as Christians warning each person of coming judgment (Ezekiel 3:16-20, 33:3-9; Colossians 1:28)? Or have we bought into the world’s ungodly “I’m okay, you’re okay” mentality? All I see is the latter.

Christians today are like milk toast. They don’t talk of sin, death, hell, and judgment anymore or warn sinners that the fruit of their sin is eternal death in hell (Romans 6:23). More and more Christians are putting faith in the flesh instead (Philippians 3:3). As a result their faith in God is weak, with little depth and substance. It won’t sustain them in persecution.

heaven-hellSatan doesn’t want sinners to know anything about death, hell, and judgment. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince them that they’ll go to heaven (or nowhere) when they die. Satan will do anything to get God’s fallen creation to join him in that lake of fire (Revelation 20:10). He will also do whatever it takes to silence Christians about the truth or take their eyes off eternity. Sadly, every silent Christian joins hands with Satan and sends another sinner to hell.

Christians love to talk about heaven. But they’re the only ones going there and the only ones who want to. D. L. Moody was right. It takes conversion to make a sinner want to spend eternity in heaven with God. The unconverted person hates God and his dwelling place.

Few Christians explain how sinners can go to heaven either. The cross we preach doesn’t offend people anymore (Galatians 5:11). It used to be an instrument of death (Galatians 2:20). Yet the cross alone shows us the full wrath of God against sin, i.e. what payment really looks like. It also provides our only way out: the true conversion of submission to Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus is the Savior of the world, the only one who can save us from sin if we repent. Where’s the truth of the cross: atonement for sin? Where’s the truth of choice: eternal death in hell if we refuse Jesus?

Eternity: this is truth. This is reality. Do we believe it? Are we living it? Are we warning sinners of the righteous judgment to come?


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