Obamacare: Heil Hitler

barack-obama-adolf-hitlerAdolf Hitler (1889-1945) did not win Germany’s 1932 presidential election.[1] However, because it did not produce a clear winner and he headed the largest political party (National Socialists), former president Paul von Hindenburg made Hitler Chancellor of Germany. His regime, the Third Reich, began on January 30, 1933. After the Reichstag was destroyed by fire in February, Hitler used the Reichstag Fire Decree to suspend habeas corpus and legally rule Germany by martial law. Through the Enabling Act in March, he declared himself dictator. Hitler had staged a coup.

One of the first things Hitler did as dictator was to pass a series of healthcare laws. He didn’t want to give people healthcare. Hitler wanted total control. He also wanted an Aryan state. Healthcare laws based on eugenics provided both. They created a panel that decided who lived and who died. Some ‘undesirable’ people were killed outright: mentally and physically handicapped, insane, war wounded, enemies of the state, etc. Others were sterilized so they could not reproduce. No one could overrule this death panel. Subject only to Hitler, it had total control. Concentration camps were the ‘final solution’ to the Jewish ‘problem.’ But this Holocaust began with the healthcare laws, which were legal. Abortion, euthanasia, and genocide were all legal.

FDR wanted to make the world safe for democracy, so America and her allies went to war against Hitler. World War II seems like a distant memory in history now. Is it, really? No. Hitler’s regime was just a dry run for the anti-Christ, who will rule the world. Maybe he’s already here.

Unlike Hitler, President Obama won the 2008 and 2012 elections – at least on paper. Only fools believe that a nation as rich and dominant as America has free elections. Too much money and power are at stake. Why would anyone leave the outcome to the American people? That’s too risky. Besides, the Communists want total control. Through American entertainment, the media, education, various branches and levels of government, and now Obama, they have it.

hitler-t-4-obamacare-nazi-socialist-barack-hussein-obamaConservatives clamor about abortion coverage in Obama’s healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act (2010). Obamacare will also create a 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board that can cut Medicare spending, withhold medical treatment, and order sterilization, abortion, euthanasia, and genocide – irrespective of lawsuits. It will decide who lives and who dies. The board’s presidential appointees will not be subject to Congress. They will answer only to Obama, who will rule by fiat.

The panel members would operate as “super czars,” issuing decrees without external review, comment, or public notice. They would be exempt from judicial review—totally unaccountable. That un-elected officials should hold the power of life and death over citizens is a monstrosity that belongs in a totalitarian system, not a democratic republic. — Forbes Magazine

Obamacare will inevitably lead to healthcare rationing, death panels, millions of uninsured and eventually the systematic genocide of the weak, minorities, enfeebled, the elderly and political enemies of the God-state. Obama is using his Gestapo and SS Stormtroppers or so-called “Navigators” (e.g., the youth, the unions, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, ACORN, La Raza, the Democratic Socialist Party apparatus, etc.) to propagandize the poor, the mis-educated and minorities who are being exploited to lead this final blitzkrieg towards accepting universal healthcare. — Renew America

Through Obamacare, the President has staged a coup. His healthcare act is unconstitutional but legal. It’s a death sentence to the Constitution and Congress passed it. Now Obama can do whatever he wants. Obamacare funding expires on January 15. Congress can defund and repeal it, but most likely only with a Republican-controlled Senate. Voters can create one in mid-term elections this November, but there is no guarantee it will happen. Even if voters succeed, Congress cannot repeal the healthcare act before January 2015. Until then, Obama can declare himself dictator through martial law if he wants to.

The Constitution was designed to prevent dictatorships. It didn’t foresee Obama, who has been ruling the nation with executive orders. Obama doesn’t want to give people healthcare. He wants total control. George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley is right. This is “the most serious constitutional crisis … in [our] lifetime.”

I wish the church would open her eyes to this situation. I wish she’d stop asking Democrats and Republicans to get along in Washington, so she can be left alone to play. This isn’t party politics. It’s President v. Congress and Obama has won. The ship called “America” is sinking beneath the waves and into oblivion, as Obama and his Marxist cronies paddle away in the only lifeboat. Can the church survive this crisis? I doubt it. Obama can legally give her a death sentence too.

A fourth Reich is here. Who will live and who will die? Will we be forced to cry, “Heil Obama”?

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[1] I am not an expert in the history of the Third Reich. This article combines what I’ve gleaned from various sources, both printed and visual (documentaries, feature films).


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