Homosexuality and Demons

glee gay homosexualI can easily spot effeminate men and dykes. It’s on their faces and in the way they walk and talk. Some homosexuals are born this way. Others become like this as teenagers or adults. Maybe they had poor or non-existent relationships with their same-gender parents. At least this is what psychologists, both Christian and secular, want society to think.

I don’t believe that family psychology is the impetus behind homosexuality. Why put a guilt trip on parents? Some heterosexuals have poor relationships with same-gender parents, some homosexuals have good ones, and some same-sex abuse victims are heterosexual. Where are case studies on these people? They don’t fit the stereotypes.

Here’s the truth. Homosexuality is against nature and therefore demonic. Either the demon’s host or an ancestor practiced idolatry (Romans 1:21-27). Some homosexuals are born with demons, which is why one can spot them in kindergarten. This fact probably produces poor parent-child relationships. Other homosexuals are introduced to demons involuntarily: molestation, sexual abuse, pornography, CPR by a demon-possessed person, etc. As I explained in the article “Gatekeepers,” the body’s orifices and limbs are spiritual gates to the heart.

Homosexual, lesbian, effeminate, dyke, transgender: the label doesn’t matter. The desire to have sex with a person of the same gender or to have a sex-change operation is demonic, whether or not the demon-possessed person acts accordingly. Since the problem is spiritual, its prevention and cure must be spiritual. Christians who refuse to acknowledge spiritual warfare and demons in relation to homosexuality are doing homosexuals a real disservice.

Dennis JerniganThe only defense against homosexuality is Jesus Christ. Christian children exposed to it may be oppressed by demons, but they cannot be possessed. Through spiritual warfare, resisting Satan with worship and prayer, they can overcome. Non-Christian children have no spiritual defenses to resist the demon of homosexuality. They’ll probably become homosexuals as adults, regardless of family psychology and the type or timing of exposure.

As Dennis Jernigan, Donnie McClurkin, and others can testify, the only cure for homosexuality is Jesus Christ. People must repent and be converted. Spiritual transformation casts out the demon. The testimonies by ex-homosexuals that I’ve read online astound me. Jesus still saves!


10 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Demons

  1. Please be careful in assuming that non-Christian people who do certain things are possessed. That can do more harm than good. Although I agree that there can be demonic influence in Homosexuality, it is not the only factor. I am a Christian who has struggled with Homosexuality, and something about your post, I don’t know what it is, just seems off.

    • Struggling as a Christian is one thing and I addressed it. It’s called demonic oppression rather than possession and people can overcome through fighting spiritual warfare. Homosexuality is still demonic in its nature, the Leviathan you address in your blog.

      • Oh, thank you for reading my blog. 🙂
        I feel like I agree with everything you’ve written, but something just isn’t sitting right. That may be something that I need to work out, I’m not sure. I’m really glad that you don’t try to water things down to seem more likable. I think that’s great! I’m glad that you understand the importance of Spiritual war fare, too. 🙂 It’s something that some Christian’s don’t realize exists, or don’t think is important. I’m trying to figure out what is bothering me about it, but I’m having a hard time pin-pointing it. I’m not trying to start an argument or anything. I just see so many people doing things that are counter-productive to their cause to help homosexual people, and I guess that makes me a little over-cautious when I see other people speaking boldly. I apologize for coming with criticism right off the bat. I’ve recently been speaking with a man who speaks very aggressively about sex offenders, practically taunting them, and I think it made me edgy.
        Sorry for the wall of text. >.< And thank you for not speaking aggressively towards me on this topic, and for not just ignoring me. Thank you for seeking the truth in these confusing times.

      • You’re welcome and you don’t have to apologize. I enjoyed your blog. I think I need more compassion for sinners, but we can’t whitewash sin. We have to balance compassion for lost people with God’s holiness that can’t look at sin. The cross is our only mediator – yes, grace and mercy but also justice and holiness and righteousness. All sin is wrong, but some sins are demonic in nature – anything that goes against our nature as human beings. Homosexuality is one. Abortion is another. It’s witchcraft, child sacrifice. The list goes on.

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  3. I believe u and feel the same way. I think its an end times thing. We have a gay president who is gay loving n so much strife in the world. I believe its spiritual at root and with the upbringing factor, no dad, dominant mom, molestation, or what have u, and now this toxic environment with xenoestrogens everywhere etc. This makes a perfect storm to turn or promote gayness that satan loves so he can destroy humanity. We need some specific demons named so we can rebuke and cast this out. I wish the true christian community would organize a day of prauer around the world to pray against this demonic spirit and save humans from the fiery pit of hell. The wages of sin are death.

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