Goldberg liberty-university gay-homosexualInstead of addressing concerns over hiring a gay choreographer and photographer (who loves to dress up subjects in drag), Liberty University tried to justify itself instead. They said that independent contractors aren’t required to adhere to Liberty’s doctrinal beliefs. But choreographers helping a theatrical production are a far cry from construction workers. The former have intimate connections with students, the latter almost none.

Dr. Paul Raymond replied to Liberty’s self-justification with the following.

We are to have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness. We should not stand in any kind of affiliation with the wicked… [Liberty] is supposed to be the stewards of righteousness. They have to be in control of what is happening at the university. …

You can’t have an ungodly alliance in the first place, so that is the first biblical violation. You are not to bid them Godspeed. You realize that when this man comes in to control any aspect that he is evangelizing, not the university. It works the other way around. Why not then just send your children to a secular university?

Why is Liberty producing plays like Mary Poppins, in the first place? Where is the biblical worldview? Dr. Paul Raymond said,

Why can’t they do some historical plays about the heroes of the faith? Could you imagine [the impact of] putting on a theatrical production about the history of Tyndale or Luther or Calvin?

In the words of Liberty’s theatrical director Linda Cooper, “Children love [Mary Poppins] because of all the magic.” This response is ungodly! What about the Christian “magic” of conversion, the spiritual transformation of a soul? Where’s the gospel?


4 thoughts on “Self-Justification

  1. James Dobson of Focus on the Family once said, “Parents, you can’t trust Disney anymore.” Today Evangelical Christians need to realize, “Parents, you can’t trust Liberty anymore.” When a so-called Christian school has gone the way of the world and has no desire to stand for Truth, they’ve lost their raison d’être.

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