Nationalism: Jesus First

bible-american-flagYesterday, a blogger posted a link to my article “Nationalism: The Stranger,” with the following commentary. He says that Christian nationalists are being set up by unseen powers.

1- “The world–and especially the USA–has been following the same script as Germany 1923-1933” (when Hitler was named chancellor of Germany).  Eight years later, it’s safe to say that the world–and especially the USA–is now further down that same path the Germans earlier walked. … If [readers] wanted to know where the world–and especially the USA–was headed, they had best pick up a good history of Germany 1923-1933 for the answers.

2- “Europe was being primed for an elevation to power of ultra-nationalist parties.”

A-Unchecked immigration;
B- the favoring of immigrants over the native populations;
C- the planned non-responsiveness of the traditional political parties to the complaints of the native populations;
D- the encouraged non-assimilation into the mainstream of European life of the immigrant population; especially the ghetto-ization of immigrants into their own highly-distinctive neighborhoods highlighting non-native languages;
D- the constant media attention to all of the above, with the obvious end of creating FEAR and LOATHING in the natives;
E- the obvious machinations of the European political elites to ensure the joblessness (while at the same time they received the benefits of the European welfare state) of the immigrant “hordes”

[This] was the deliberate plan of the NWO guys to accomplish two ends to one goal.

1- Build resentment of native populations against immigrants;
2-  in their fear of immigrant hordes constantly featured in the media and their disgust at traditional parties ignoring and mocking their concerns,

GOAL – The native populations were to be driven into the waiting arms of the ultra-nationalist (Neo-Nazi) parties, who were the only ones who responded to the native concerns about the immigration situation. This was all done so that the native populations will be further manipulated and conditioned by the Neo-Nazis for a repeat of pre-WWII atrocities. Unlike the 20th century actions of the Nazis, the 21st century Neo-Nazis will have to deal with many, many LESS true Christians.  Instead, they’ll deal with a compromised, compromising apostate Church full of flesh-satiated pew-sitters.

I’ve written other articles on the toxic relationship between Christianity and nationalism, which in some people has produced racism and a push against immigration. See the list below.

But America isn’t alone. Christian nationalism is also a problem in the UK, thanks to “Britain First Christians.” I have just one message for these people: “You don’t know what … spirit you are of” (Luke 9:55).* Jesus Christ must come first – not self, family, city, nation, language, or church.

multicultural churchPeople love to talk about the racial divide on Sunday mornings, but they ignore the linguistic and cultural divide. Most American churches have separate services for non-English speakers (Arabic, French, Korean, Spanish, etc). These people need help adjusting to a strange language, but they would adjust more quickly if church services were blended. Spanish speakers in public schools learn English more quickly in an English-only classroom. So why can’t we do the same thing in church?

One church in my hometown has separate services for Ukrainians. It invited them to an evening service on Missions Sunday a few years ago. Why aren’t they invited every Sunday? I’m sure the services would be spiritually and culturally richer. The Ukrainians endured persecution that the selfish, materialistic Western church knows nothing about.

Jesus tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). That kingdom consists of “all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues” (Revelation 7:9; cf 5:9). We’re commanded to preach the gospel “to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8) and “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). Therefore, all true believers are international in their hearts.

Whose kingdom are Christian nationalists really seeking, God’s or men’s? Christians who put their own nation and language ahead of Christ don’t have his spirit (Romans 8:9).


* All Scripture verses are NKJV, unless otherwise noted.


3 thoughts on “Nationalism: Jesus First

  1. Many good points.

    During a discussion a year or so ago, someone pointed out that Christian nationalists put their faith in their country, their people, their history and then,Jesus gets what faith is left over–if any.

    Christian nationalists are encouraged–especially in America–to take “pride in their country.” How many stop to think that pride is a sin?

    A time of choosing rapidly approaches. One of the reasons Christian nationalism is so very attractive is that Christian nationalists do not have to choose; they believe they can have it all: friendship with their country and the rest of the world and friendship with God.

    By compromising, Christian nationalists will not have it all. Instead, they will have nothing.

    ps…thanks for the link!

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