Things Fall Apart

“Once more … I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land.” – Haggai 2:6, 21[1]

muslim burkaFor decades, all the church had to worry about was abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and AIDS. As terrible as these things are and as badly as we have dealt with them on both cultural and spiritual levels, now we daily hear news about Muslim beheadings and a possible Ebola pandemic. Same-sex marriage, gender confusion, and primary sex education are spreading rapidly through the nation. Rumblings of Next Generation ID (FBI) and FEMA camps are also in the news. Primary services like oil (gasoline) and clean water are running out.

“‘Once more’ indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, so that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.” – Hebrews 12:27

God promises us often in the Bible that he will shake everything that has been made (i.e. visible).[2] This “everything” includes “heaven and earth, the sea and dry land” – nature. However, it also refers to our earthly lives.

wall-street-bullBoy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts were once the fabric of American culture. One could be a Christian and still join one of these groups or buy their wares. Thanks to Planned Parenthood and communist sponsors, however, Christians must examine their consciences before joining or buying. Also, with recent recessions and a looming Great Depression in the midst of an abysmal job market, Wall Street is no longer the bedrock of American finance. Many once-stable businesses have closed, including Blockbuster and Borders. Even McDonalds and Wal-Mart are in trouble. Meanwhile, J. P. Morgan Chase, Home Depot, and Target are reeling from hacking scandals. And in the political arena, many Republican officials are abandoning their conservative base as Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House conspire to wreak spiritual havoc on America. Everything is falling apart.

If this year alone is any indication, then we will soon wake up to a “brave new world.” Everything we thought we knew about our earthly lives will disappear in the blink of an eye. Yet many American Christians keep ignoring these spiritual and cultural alarm warnings. They are still asleep (Matthew 13:25, 25:5). What will it take to wake them up – a gigantic natural disaster, a pandemic, Muslim beheadings on American soil, closed churches, etc?

house sandcastleWhen storms come, houses built on sand crumble (Matthew 7:26-27). Those built on solid rock stand firm (7:24-25). Jesus Christ is the Rock, our “chief cornerstone” (Psalm 118:22, Matthew 21:42). If we have built our lives on him, then the storms of an unknown and uncertain future cannot shake us, not even the fall of America. We know that we are “receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken” – the New Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:28). If we have built our lives on sand, however, then the future will destroy our spiritual equilibrium. I pray that it is not too late for us to repent.

Further reading: The Chief Cornerstone, The Victor’s Crown


[1] New King James Version (NKJV), unless otherwise noted
[2] See Isaiah 2:19-21, 13:13; Joel 3:16, Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:25, Luke 21:26


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