Population Control

agenda21balDoes the world need population control? Supposedly seven billion people can fit into Jacksonville, Florida, if they stand side by side. Yet this portrait is unrealistic. It is not how people live. They need elbow room. They also need food, water, clothing, and shelter to survive. Water covers 70% of the world’s surface area (USGS). It takes arable land to grow food and we have little of it; one-third of all land is desert. Since we cannot live where we grow food, houses take up even more space (unless we choose to live on houseboats). We also need factory space to turn raw materials into necessities (food, etc). This does not include roads, hospitals, malls, and schools. No wonder that millions die from famine and lack of clean water every year. So can seven billion people survive on the planet today? I do not know. Still, population control is not the answer.

Abortion, eugenics, and euthanasia are obvious methods of population control. They kill nearly 50 million people each year. However, Ebola, homosexuality, Islam, and war are not so obvious. Ebola has killed at least 4,600 people this year, a low estimate (CDC). It is the world’s first pandemic since the Spanish flu and Bubonic plague, but it seems to affect mostly Africans. Few people of other ethnicities get sick. Those who do become sick usually recover. Some Africans suspect that Ebola is a form of population control. Is this a conspiracy theory? Only time will tell.

supreme court doma gay marriageThe last thing this world needs is same-sex marriage. It biologically depletes the population and spreads HIV / AIDS (cause of 2 million deaths each year). This is why many homosexuals adopt children from foster homes, steal them from heterosexuals (via DCF), and fund AIDS research. Yet what if decriminalizing homosexuality and legalizing same-sex marriage are two methods of population control? What if the UN is letting homosexuals kill themselves?

Muslims do not practice abortion, birth control, or homosexuality, so they have large families. As a result, nearly 30 percent of the world population is Muslim. Yet because of fanaticism, these people are hard to control. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair once said that Muslims cannot be mainstreamed. So what if the UN is embracing Islam in order to destroy it? What if it is also allowing Muslim beheadings in order to deplete the population? Muslims do not know that they are just a tool in the UN’s population control plan and are destined for annihilation.

Millions also die each year in war. So what if the UN refuses to intervene in some genocidal conflicts just to deplete the population? This hypothesis would explain the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and some deadly civil wars in Africa today.

Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist. Or maybe the UN (Agenda 21) and some national governments are this evil. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has an “Office of Population Affairs.” Although basic necessities are becoming scarce, population control is not the answer. Anyone who takes part in it will answer to God for murder. Therefore, let us pray for the salvation of homosexuals and Muslims. Let us also pray that more people choose life.


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