The Duggars: Repentance

I created a series on my Arts and Culture blog called “The Duggars.” I’ve published articles on hypocrisy and justice. Later this week, I’ll publish ones on evangelism and parenting. Please read and share these articles.

The magnitude of the Duggars’ crimes hit me Saturday night. I became angry and upset. In church yesterday, I found it difficult to absorb the worship and preaching. Disturbed in my mind and grieved in my spirit, I couldn’t even sing. I felt like an internal bomb had exploded. But instead of confessing and repenting of the church’s sins, everyone else went about business as usual. Not one person I met mentioned the Duggars, either to forgive or to condemn them. Not one.

praying_man_at_altar spiritual birth conversionWhere are the ministers who will “weep between the porch and the altar” over the church’s sins and crimes (Joel 2:17)?[1] Where are the saints who will rip their clothes, pluck out their hair, and sit down “astonished” for hours on end before praying on their knees to Almighty God (Ezra 9:3-5)? Where are these people?

Before Babylon’s final invasion of Jerusalem, God told one of his servants to “go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it” (Ezekiel 9:4). Only those who had the mark were spared; all others were killed at God’s command (9:5-7). God may mark saints again in order to spare them, yet how many will he find: one hundred, fifty, twenty, ten, two, or one? How many Christians are “sighing and crying over all the abominations” committed in the church? I fear that the answer is “too few.”

Judgment will “begin at the house of God” and he is no respecter of persons (1 Peter 4:17).[2] Yet if the Duggars scandal doesn’t wake up the church, then what will? The King is coming.


[1] New King James Version (NKJV), unless otherwise noted
[2] Deuteronomy 10:17, 2 Chronicles 19:7, Job 34:19; Romans 2:11-16, Ephesians 6:9, Colossians 3:25, 1 Peter 1:17


2 thoughts on “The Duggars: Repentance

  1. I hesitated before I pushed the “like” button because I don’t like either what the news of the sins of the Duggars nor the reaction of many Christians within the church.

    What I do like is your unabashed calling on the church to repent, not only of individual but collective sin. Unless we humble ourselves before the Lord and admit we have committed wrong time and time again, we will not receive the forgiveness we so strongly desire. Instead, the best we will get is cheap grace.

    • Thank you for your honesty. In situations like these, the prayers of Ezra and Daniel spring to mind. Both offered corporate prayers of repentance, although neither man had done anything wrong.

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