Refugees: The Lord Will Provide

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” – Ecclesiastes 11:1[1]

Some Americans aren’t afraid of the possibility of ISIS militants hiding among Syrian refugees. They look at our nation’s bank account instead. “We’re trillions of dollars in debt. We can’t afford to help these people!” In one way, they’re right. Compassion isn’t good fiscal policy. Where will all these refugees live? How will we pay for their food, clothes, and shelter? We can’t give what we don’t have. Still, this fiscal fear doesn’t reckon on God.

moneyGod owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10). The bank of heaven is limitless. If we give God what he asks, then he’ll open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that we won’t have room to receive (Malachi 3:10). Lenders become rich, stingy people poor (Proverbs 11:24). God rewards the generous, so those who help others will be helped (11:25). People who sell their goods will be blessed; those who withhold them will be cursed (11:26). Do we believe that God will give local, state, and federal governments what they need when they ask for it? Or do we watch our bank accounts, stocks, and IRAs like farmers who watch the wind (Ecclesiastes 11:4)? They don’t sow their seed, and people who count their money don’t give. We don’t know where the wind blows; we don’t know what will prosper (11:5-6). We should give anyway.

Do we know Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides (Genesis 22:14)? Do we believe that he can supply our needs, according to his riches in glory by Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:19)? Do we want America to be known for open hearts and hands, or closed ones? Will we take fiscal risks for those who need it? Miracles happen only if we believe God.


[1] New King James Version (NKJV), unless otherwise noted


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