A Holy Dissatisfaction

THE BEST PART… “I believe a great crisis lies ahead – for society, its peoples and the religious system which many would call “the church”; and God needs those who have been weaned away from dependency on the structures, programs and other facets of organised churchianity.”

Coercion Code - "Dark Times are upon us"

by Colin Wilson,
Highland Christian News

Dear Christian believer,
For a considerable time now you have been strangely unsettled in
your spirit. This has perplexed you – as you have just been getting
on with your Christian walk and participating in the general life of
the church. But you have been disturbed in yourself. You have
re-read the pages of the Bible relating to the dynamic works of the
apostles and the early disciples; and then compared these with
what you have been experiencing in your own life and fellowship
setting. And you have perceived a huge “mis-match”; a yawning
gap between where (spiritually-speaking) things are now, and
where the early followers of Christ were in their day. (Note: I am
not suggesting that Pentecost is to be repeated; but rather
continued.. Eph 5:18.)

In different times and circumstances you may have felt that it was

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