CCM Apostasy

pope-francis roman-catholicMargaret Becker, Matt Maher, John Michael Talbot, and Kathy Troccoli are Roman Catholics who move in evangelical circles. Many Protestant musicians have publicly associated with these people – writing, singing, touring, etc – and/or the Pope. The ecumenical church of the New World Order (NWO) will embrace all religions and denominations. So are these musicians Christian or apostate? They refuse to denounce false doctrine.

Meredith Andrews, Audio Adrenaline, Avalon, Ray Boltz, Jeremy Camp, Michael Card, Carman, Casting Crowns, Gary Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Clay Crosse, David Crowder, dc Talk, 4 HIM, Kirk Franklin, Billy and Sarah Gaines, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Vestal Goodman, Amy Grant, Hillsong United, Jars of Clay, Kari Jobe, Phil Keaggy, Graham Kendrick, Jennifer Knapp, Scott Krippayne, Lacrae, Mark Lowry, Babbie Mason, Mercy Me, Newsboys, Janet Paschal, Sandi Patty, Phillips Craig and Dean, Sanctus Real, Matt Redman, Rebecca St. James, Michael W. Smith, Phil Stacey, Third Day, TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Stuart Townend, Jaci Velasquez, Sheila Walsh, John Wimber, Eric Wyse

[This material is from the Fundamental Baptist website Way of Life. I’m Pentecostal, so I don’t adhere only to denominational music. I have no issues with some Baptist, Lutheran, or Wesleyan hymns, for example. Doctrine trumps denomination. I still don’t associate with Roman Catholics or call them Christians. Their apostate doctrines and practices are steeped in the occult. Go here to learn more: “If you love Jesus, leave the Roman Catholic Church.”]

The following “Christian” musicians have publicly supported homosexuality or come out as homosexual: Ray Boltz, Jars of Clay, and Jennifer Knapp. Avoid them!

Michael-w-smithMost disturbing is the fact that Michael W. Smith, Third Day, and TobyMac are steeped in the occult. Satanic symbols appear on their albums, NWO and occult themes in their music. Go to the websites below for evidence.These people are possible Luciferians hiding in plain sight. I doubt that they are Christians. Occult themes also appear in the music of Kari Jobe, Point of Grace, and Chris Tomlin. Avoid them!

What’s the lesson here? The NWO is coming – fast. CCM (Contemporary Christian music) is in bed with its occult, satanic agenda. If your spiritual antenna isn’t up, then you’re asleep!


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