2016 Resolutions

weight-lossPeople joke about how they break New Year’s resolutions within days or weeks of making them. I kept only one from 2016: losing weight. My goal was 50 pounds. I lost 16 pounds, which is 1-2 clothing sizes. All my slacks and capris are baggy. But at this rate, it will take me two more years to reach my goal!

Each day I eat yogurt, preferably whole milk or Greek, mixed with fresh fruit and raw honey. I also drink half my weight in ounces of water, some of it with apple cider vinegar. I limit other drinks to milk, juice, and coffee. I tried to eat less junk food last year, but end-of-the-year holidays led to cookies, cakes, and pies. Last summer and fall, I walked one mile per day. Now in cold weather, I do good to walk one mile per week. Spring should improve my diet and exercise regimen.

More important than food or exercise was my learning that calories are a smokescreen. I try to consume my daily minimum, which fluctuates with age, gender, height, and weight. But only hormones matter. Estrogen is stored in fat cells, testosterone in muscle cells. Testosterone levels drop naturally in women over 30. Increasing this hormone, via resistance training and foods like spinach, should help me lose weight. What’s sad is that I became obese in the first place. However, any culture that doesn’t use walking or biking for its main transportation and has stocked-up grocery stores and fast food restaurants on every corner will eventually produce overweight people. Were Jesus and his disciples fat? No. They walked everywhere and food was scarce. Whatever they did eat was healthy, not processed.

Two grandparents had adult onset diabetes (type 2), as did my father. All are dead. My uncle has lived with diabetes for twenty years. I don’t want this disease, so I need to lose more weight. Imago dei = keep moving!

ImagesCyber Tip 4 the Day, Gretchen Rubin


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