The Coming Antichrist: Church

pyramid image at churchI experienced a rude awakening at church this past Sunday. During the worship part of the service, a black and white pyramid (made up of four smaller ones) flashed behind the lyrics on the video screen. [See right.] In shock, I refused to stand. I wouldn’t even sing. I didn’t want to give evil God-speed. How anyone in the congregation could sing “Every praise is to our God” with this vile image in front of them was beyond me.

Since January, I’ve seen other antichrist symbols hiding in plain sight at various churches in the denomination I was reared in, including masonic A’s and slanted crosses. [See below.] Do you know what dawned on me as I studied them? We talk about 666, but maybe we should be looking for 555. The antichrist, or coming one (+1), will turn 5 into 6. The pentagram will become a hexagram (hex, or curse). Occultism and Freemasonry use both symbols. Is it any wonder that Hollywood’s prefix of choice is 555?

In pop culture, finance, politics, and elsewhere, look for 5’s and pyramids. You’ll see them everywhere. The visible church isn’t immune. It’s rife with satanic symbols. Why? Will the antichrist claim to be a Christian or from a Christian background? Will he try to unite Abrahamic or even all religions, e.g. Chrislam?

I’ll never forget the sermon I heard on Mother’s Day called “to build or not to build.” The pastor’s wife built a pyramid out of Kleenex boxes labeled “love,” “forgiveness,” “peace,” and other Christian virtues. She peddled the idea that if we’re building something, then we’re like Jesus. If we destroy what we or others have built, then we’re like Satan. The opposite is also true! God destroys evil. Satan builds evil. This woman tried to make people think that when the antichrist’s pyramid-shaped temple[1] is revealed, it will be of God. All those who will try to destroy it are Satan’s workers when they really belong to Jesus. This woman, and all those like her, will appear to be the true church when they’re really false.

I have one message for people seeing antichrist symbols in their churches: leave. “Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean” (2 Corinthians 6:17, NKJV). If you can wake up fellow believers and rescue them from the coming apostasy, then God speed!

[1] I think the antichrist’s temple will be shaped like a pyramid or ziggurat, for two reasons. (1) This is what we see in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian religions. (2) Through automatic drawing, Satan led Hilma af Klint, a Swedish artist, to create “Paintings for the Temple.” They’re filled with pyramids and occult symbols.

Images: Mystery of the Iniquity (header), all others (me)


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